Another year older, another year gone

Dear Baby girl –

It took everything not to cry today.  Where has the time flown? Just yesterday it feels like you were fitting in my arms and now you are a wiggler, ready to run and explore.  There’s so much in this world to see and you never stop.

You now are always on the move and it’s even a fight to get you to take your one nap. You love the camera and you are so happy. 

Another year older and you’re in 2t clothes and size 7 shoes. You love fruits and you’re learning how to hold your fork.

You are so beautiful and sweet and hate nite nite cause that means you have to go to bed.  

You love Pocoyo and your leappad but don’t like it when your shoes come off.

You’re perfect to me baby and u love you.

Happy Birthday Duchess.

Love always.

Your mama.


A long time

Dear Child of mine :

The last time I wrote to you it had been April 2012. You were only 9 months old boy has time flown.

There are so many pictures of you and you have progressed so far since that last update. You talk more, run, walk, swim, play hard and love harder. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish time would freeze or do my old fears be replaced by new fears.

You are beautiful, smart, curious, insightful and funny.

You have my temper and can give a good dirty look. You are huggable and sometimes have night terrors.

You love group hugs and kisses and you have a tendency to charm your way around people.

You’re going to be 2 soon and I am so excited but I do cry when I think how fast this year has flown.

I love you so much and though you don’t look like a baby anymore you are still my baby.


Your mama.


Dear Baby Girl –

You no longer look like the baby we brought home, you no longer lie where I put you. Many people would say duh but it is still amazing how in 8 1/2 short months how much you have changed.

You have had a lot of firsts, your first haircut, you now have 2 bottom teeth, your eyes constantly change color, your hand eye coordination rocks.

But most of all you say mama and dada so clearly.

When I first began this journey I was afraid I’d never convey how much we love you, or it’s not you that is lucky baby… It’s us. . .

But when you look at me or how much we tell you we love you baby the way you look at us mean the world.

Thank you for coming into our lives.


Your mama

Quick update

Dear Baby Girl –

Tonight you called your daddy dada it was wonderful to watch him melt, he was so proud.

Life has been crazy you’re not taking to me working 3 days out of the week you keep us up on the nights I have to work and your teething and not napping as much during the day as you used to.

You’re rocking back and forth on your knees any day now you’re gonna crawl.

Your thrust reflex is finally gone I noticed it on Friday.

You love bananas and the color yellow.

And I am exhausted I love you but I am going to bed.

Love always.

Your mama.

Need to catch up

Dear Baby Girl –

Geez, I have fallen behind hard core.

Let’s begin with the last week of November I got a job when you were four months 2 days on 5 days off, working part time you would go to your Aunt one day and a co-worker of mine that had 3 kids another day. It was hard at the beginning because you would wake up in the middle of the night screaming there were times I just wanted to quit but I had to hang in there it was as much of a transition for me too. Being out of work since May and jumping back into hard labor, stocking, heavy lifting and staying on my feet for six hours sucked to be plain but being out of the house and doing something was fulfilling plus going home and seeing your daddy and you was even better. It made my heart leap when we three would do our group hug with you between us.

Now let’s jump to December 10th you met Santa for the first time, you didn’t cry or freak out you were more interested in what was going on than anything else.

When Christmas finally came around you have been using rolling to get to where you want to go we celebrated it at your grandma’s house (your dad’s mom). You loved ripping the paper and got the hang of it, then we went to go and meet your godparents your Aunt Jojo and Uncle Joe who came down from Austin.

You loved your Aunt Jojo, you enjoyed smiling at her and smiled.

Then we went back to your grandma’s you were exhausted.

New Year’s came we went to a friends house where they had a smoke out you hung out with a baby boy that was a few weeks older than you, we only stayed til ten o’clock mommy had to go to work the next morning and you were tired.

On January 5th we started you on cereal @ 5 months old you had a blast and even though you still had the reflex to push your food out of your mouth you were more than ready to eat you were considered a supporter sitter (which means you need help sitting up)

Then we came to February, you were put in the hospital on the fourth for RSV, your oxygen levels were extremely low I had to call your Aunt Sam to take us to the hospital because you had stopped breathing on me for a few seconds which scared the crap out of me, they didn’t release you til the next day.

You are doing much better now.

You are in 12 months clothing at 6 months and weighing at 18 pounds 13 ounces and are 29 inches long.

You are starting to get your knees underneath you and are trying to crawl and your daddy is convinced that you have said mama I think you’re just putting syllables together but try convincing your daddy differently.

We love very much baby girl sorry for lapsing in updates but watching you grow daily warns our hearts and I enjoy watching you find your way around this world I love you my dear baby


Dear Baby Girl –

So much has happened, we’re getting ready for your first Christmas and the other day was a year since we found out we were pregnant it was a reflective day as I looked down at you and remembering a year ago I was only five weeks pregnant with you and so scared.

But now you’re going to be five months and I am so happy. We have your outfit picked out and you out grew your bouncer, you are starting to sit up on your own and are fast growing out of your six month onesies only because your head is too big and your torso is long.

You don’t know what to think of me going back to work for two days out of each week but you have so much fun with your aunt taking you one day and your new baby-sitter on the other day and then your daddy picks you up and you spend the rest of the day with him.

But now you’ve become picky, you won’t eat much unless I feed you, your daddy said it best. You go to him for physical and play needs but you go to me for emotional and feeding needs. When we go out you prefer your daddy to hold you and turn towards him away from strangers. You are such a daddy’s girl and I love it.

Baby I love you with all of my heart.


Your mama.

Daddy’s Girl

Dear Baby Girl –

You got your four month shots and cried for all of a minute and a half and then your daddy picked you up and you were fine, I cried more than you did, lol, but then he had to go to work and you cried again, the only way I could get you to calm down was grab the shirt that you had been wearing early and put it across my shoulder and lay you against me and you calmed down so for the 8 hours that he was gone, stuck at work that shirt never left your side it was the sweetest thing in the world and I couldn’t help but smile and feel content.

I am so happy you are a daddy’s girl, I thought I would feel envy but being a daddy’s girl myself at one point I feel happiness surge through me. I love the fact that you are so connected to your daddy even from the get go, its so hard for me to describe.

When he comes home from work, the look on your face makes my day because you are so happy to see him, you spend all your time with me but daddy, daddy means so much to you because you don’t get to see him so much.

Also now you are talking so much more and it amazes me that you are so vocal and I love it too. Especially after you have a bath…speaking of the bath.

It is one of my biggest fraustrations right now, omg, lol, I really hate bath time now, I loved it when you fit in the sink but now that we have to do it in the tub and you are in the inbetween stage, you aren’t sitting up completely but you also aren’t little enough for the sink. It kills me and exasperates me. Your daddy and I loved giving you baths together because we could both be at the sink standing but now at the bath one of us can fit there and kneeling so now we’re using a pillow to save our knees and then the other gets you dressed and lotioned well, at least that’s what we’re going to do next time, this is the 2nd time as of last night and so far its been rough so hopefully we’ll finally get it down as soon as we think we have it down, something has to change it, like you growing. I am not complaining….much…..

About growing, you are now 16 pounds 6 ounces, 28 inches long and oh my gosh so strong I love it. You laugh and smile aloud a lot. You also are very perculiar about where you want to be, you love your routine and you also perfer to be at home rather than anywhere else, the only other place is with your Aunt, Grandma and cousin.

Your hair is starting to look like it might start to curl and also you have a big personality, sometimes you act like your daddy and other times you act like me. You have a lot of our mannerisms and its so weird when people point them out to me and I’m like, wow.

You are so beautiful and so sweet, you can charm the pants off of anyone and you have a way of making my bad days good. You are make me so happy and I am so glad you are here.

Soon in a week I will start part time work and I dread being away from you, but we’ve got to make Duchess money so I can finally buy you things.

Your grandpa is coming on Sunday and I love the fact that you two are so cute together.

But one more thing baby girl, we adore you.

I love you with all my heart.


Your mama.

I’m Gonna Miss This

Dear Baby Girl –

Today you turned 4 months — just 3 months and 3 weeks ago we brought you home, I was so scared I would mess up but now we have it down to a science and you smile and laugh so much. You are a very happy baby and it makes me feel relieved that you’re still here.

I teared up when I played “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift and then started reflecting when I sung to you, “You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Atkins.

You rolled over today and have been trying so hard, on the 23rd you’re going in to get your 4 month shots I had to take you in you for you first doctor visit cause we all got sick cause of the crud going around and you weighed 15 pounds 3 ounces and you were 27 inches long on November 6th.

You had your first Turkey Day on the 19th of November yeah Thanksgiving is going to be on the 24th but it was just easy to have it on a weekend, you were worn out and slept in til 9:30 am the next morning.

You are really big on routine, you eat 8 ounces now and love your bath time although you have just outgrown being bathed in the sink the 19th of November was the first time you bathed in the tub.

We are all getting excited for Christmas. You are able to sit up with our help and trying so hard to push yourself up in your bouncer. You so badly want to run after your cousin.

Watching you change and grow everyday makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. I really do wish these days would go slower. But I accept what happens as long as you are safe, healthy and happy I am too.

Watching you discover the world makes me wonder what you are thinking sometimes I can see the wheels turning and it amazes me so much.

I love you with all my heart baby.


Your mama.

Falling behind

Dear Baby Girl –

You are fast approaching turning 4 months, you are changing and growing everyday, I truly feel like I’m falling behind as I watch you grow.

You have had many firsts since we have begun this journey, you have attended your first Halloween Carnival, first book fair, first Halloween and soon we’ll be approaching your first Thanksgiving.

It still amazes me how much you are doing, you are so strong, the other day you were laying in your bouncer and you pushed yourself up into a seating position and lately you prefer your daddy or me to hold you to where you’re standing up, everytime you get tummy time or lay on your back you’re constantly grasping, pushing, trying to put your arms under you, trying to roll more than going from your back to your side or from your tummy to your side, you’ve almost got the rolling down but you get so fraustrated and you start to get really mad, I see your temper and I see myself.

And so I wanted to drop you a quick line and to say I love you and I haven’t forgotten this blog.

Love always.

Your mama.

Days in numbers

Dear Baby Girl –

Yesterday was your daddy’s and mine wedding anniversary. You’ve got to understand something about me, I love the small things — I’ll pass on expensive jewelry and big deals for a simple day. Yesterday was perfect. Last year you’re daddy cooked and we had a pallet with food on our living room floor, I loved every moment of it, this year your Aunt came and got you and your daddy got called on a job so we took a drive 20 minutes away to help a trucker, turned around and came home to make dinner and I asked your Aunt to being you home and we had a quiet evening — it was wonderful, best wedding anniversary so far.

Today you turned 3 months old, in 10 days it’ll be Halloween and I can’t wait. You slept all day and have started eating more, we’ve started making 8 ounces for you instead of the usual 6, you’ve gotten so big and I have audio recorded of you laughing and coo’ing 🙂 We love you so much and I love the fact you’re growing even though I want to keep you small forever.

Your 4 year old cousin is taking all of this so well and I am so happy 🙂

I am thinking about making you an email so I can send you everything 🙂 I haven’t decided yet I got the idea from google chrome and I kinda like it but I can’t think of a name for your email addy yet.

Sigh I’ll let you know how that goes.

Though we’re in tough times I hope you know we love you, baby.


Your mama.

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